Vishnu Springs is a project in the works. The University and Friends of Vishnu are working to honor the wishes of the donor, which are to preserve the site as a wildlife sanctuary. The Friends of Vishnu are dedicated to raising awareness and funds to maintain and preserve the Capitol Hotel, one of McDonough County's historical sites. If you can support us with money, building materials or equipment, or your time, by volunteering for one of our work days, we can assure the future of this exceptional place for future generations.

Can you help?

Yes, by donating to the Ira and Reatha T. Post Wildlife Sanctuary through the WIU Foundation Office, you are helping. All donations are tax-deductible.

How can you do that?

Your donation can be made:

Online through the WIU Foundation Office website:

Go to the Foundations' mainpage at
Select 'Give Now''
Designate your gift to the Ira & Reatha T. Post Wildlife Sanctuary.

Or go directly to the donate online page by clicking HERE.

Send a check made out to the Ira and Reatha T. Post Wildlife Sanctuary to

WIU Foundation Office
Sherman Hall
Western Illinois University
Macomb, IL 61455

Which ever way you choose to give, please be sure to designate that you want your donation to go to the Ira and Reatha T. Post Wildlife Sanctuary (or Vishnu Springs) and if you specifically want it to go to the preservation of the Hotel and immediate grounds, be sure to indicate that.

The following words reflect Ira Post's vision for Vishnu Springs, one shared by Friends of Vishnu:

"This outdoors where all may come, drink of the spring water and enjoy nature.
All that is asked in return is that nothing be molested or harmed.
Leave the flowers, ferns, rocks, trees, birds, and wildlife just as it is.
Take care of it all, and all then will be benefited in the years to come.

-Ira Post